E-Jets Project Statement 9th January 2023

  • Welcome and greetings from the whole FSS team.

There have been a lot of emotions about our announcement of the E175 coming out for MSFS recently. While there were many supportive and positive comments, there were also many negative reactrions, and we are the ones to blame for that. We were too excited about the release and we have set the expectations too high with our teaser videos. This in turn meant the community was expecting something that we cannot offer – yet!

We want to be fully transparent, so we’d like to answer the most important questions:


Our ultimate goal is to create advanced level products including a custom FMS and a custom autopilot, however, that takes a lot of time. So while we are working towards creating all of the E-Jets at a higher level of fidelity, we decided to offer an early access to the community. There are two main reasons for this:

– First of all, we want to listen to what the community wants. We are offering this Early Access version at a reduced price, so that anyone who would like to support us and provide their input can do so. We want the community to be involved in the development of the advanced features and we want to be transparent about what we can or cannot do.

– Right now, we created a product that is already more advanced than most basic products on the market. We have developed many custom systems, the FMS has an authentic interface, even though it still runs on the MSFS flight navigation in the background, the sounds are implemented, and the 3D assets and animations are already finished and of top-level quality.

There are many users who are happy to with this level of simulation, and we want to give them the chance to enjoy these products now, while the rest of the community can wait for the final advanced product.


Do not buy this product if you are not comfortable using the product at this Early Access phase! We are going to finish these products no matter how much support we receive initially and we really do not want any customers to be disappointed by not understanding what the Early Access means.

There will still be bugs and features missing at this initial release stage, and we are clearly saying in the product description which features are included, as well as which main features are not included yet. Please read the product description carefully.



We are developing the E-Jets Series which once finished will include the E170, E175, E190 and E195.

  • – Initially, only the E175 will be released. Once we finish the E170, all customers of the E175 will receive the E170 for free. This product will be the E170/E175 bundle.
  • – Next, the E195 will be released as a separate product. Once we also finish the E190, all customers of the E195 will receive the E190 for free. This product will be the E190/E195 bundle.
  • – As the Early access is at a reduced price, we are expecting that as new airframes and advanced features will be added, the price of the product will increase accordingly for new customers. We are expecting a maximum of two price increases to get to the final advanced product. As soon as we get closer to any phase where the price will increase, we will announce that well in advance.

We apologize for the initial miscommunication. It was born out of our enthusiasm for these products. We would like to thank everyone who shared their thoughts with us. We are here to listen, and with your help create the E-Jets that MSFS platform deserves.