E-Jets Update 0.9.17

Dear Supporters,

we’re thrilled to be back after a well-deserved summer break, recharged and ready to dive back into our work. Over the past two weeks, we’ve been hard at work addressing bugs while also introducing exciting new enhancements and features. Here are the key highlights:

  1. Expanded Sound Set: We’ve significantly expanded our sound library, now featuring an array of callouts and even more lifelike sounds, particularly within the cabin.

  2. Custom-Coded GPU: We’ve developed a custom GPU that not only functions flawlessly in all parking positions but is also visually represented as a 3D model, complete with authentic sound effects.

  3. Real Green Dot Speed Calculation: We’ve implemented a genuine green dot speed calculation, replacing the static values that were previously independent of weight and flight conditions.


Now, we’d like to share an important update regarding our release schedule. Moving forward, we’ve decided to shift from our previous bi-weekly update cycle to a more flexible schedule, with updates occurring every 3-4 weeks, depending on our progress. There are a few reasons behind this adjustment. First, some of the new features like custom autopilot, LNAV and VNAV require more extensive development time, and we want to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Second, by extending the update intervals, we can focus our efforts on these exciting developments without frequent interruptions.

Rest assured, critical hot fixes will continue to be addressed promptly. We are aware of issues in this release and will ship a hot fix soon. We’re committed to delivering a fantastic product, and we believe this change will allow us to do just that.

For now, we hope you thoroughly enjoy the latest version of E-Jets! Thank you for your continued support.

Bug Fixes

Previously, minimums callout was missing. We found a bug and it has been addressed.

The nose gear lights logic updated to make sure it will not go through the fuselage when the gear is retracted.

Yaw Damper logic updated so the behavior now corrects on EICAS and MFD Hydraulics page, 

The spoilers now works with ailerons on ground as it is above ground.

Major background processes items to upgrade performance, our internal testing shows FPS performance increase by 19%!

Rework speedtape on IESS to give correct information on startup.

Update logic the speed readout on PFD to not shown a red box until airborne.

Update MFD heading track to not be shown on the ground.

Background process updated to achieve more stable increment/decrement when turning knobs.

Update MCDU icon for brightness level to match the actual in real life.

Update EICAS page to ensure EICAS status line disappears when left or middle CCD Location Buttons pressed.

Rework heading logic to ensure no negative value can be shown on the PFD HSI heading indicator.

Update N1 request logic so the cyan line matches the first white mark of the N1.

Update Engine Vibration and Oil Pressure display to match the actual interface.

Rework flightplan import from Simbrief to accommodate various flight ID to be accepted.

Update electrical system logic to match battery drain behavior and timing to match the existing aircraft.

Fix IRS alignment timing and IESS boot-up sequence

PFD improvement, now disabling FD does not make FPA symbol disappear.

MFD improvement, turn nav source indicator text to amber, if same source is selected from opposite side.

Mask deploy light illuminates when mask deployed

Mask Deploy light now on when performing Annunciators test.

Update Landing Gear box color in MFD Hyd Page


Disable the GPU control from EFB when airplane is moving.

Update GPU button appearance when showing and not showing the GPU.

Update AP side to accommodate overspeed protection and added the highspeed aural warning.

Update engine sounds heard from cabin position.

Add GPU startup logic with correct cycling and startup sounds.

Added more details to sounds heard during gear retraction.

Another update on Engine sounds heard from cockpit and the exterior to improve immersive experience.

APU sound position update to improve immersive experience.

Update on the 3D positioning of the engine sound inside the cabin

Update MFD screen logic to display all system on the dropdown but unable to select them when the aircraft only powered by the batteries.

Improvement on the green dot calculation

PFD improvement, on scrolling digit of speed and altitude numeric indicator.

Minimums initial value fix to 100ft on RA and 2000ft on Baro.

Cabin Lights control now working

Hide Chrono clock and elapsed time when read 0

New Features

Added Custom GPU behavior with integration with activation via the EFB.

Activation on the GPU now can be done via the EFB

On the EFB there is an option to activate Turnaround Spawning mode which automatically activate the GPU and set it to supply the aircraft’s electrical system.

Added voice callouts for V1 and Vr.

Added approaching minimums callout 100ft above minimums

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