E-Jets Update 0.9.1

Dear Supporters,

we thank you for supporting us already now with your purchase. We have received an incredible amount of feedback. Positive about the already achieved state and many possibilities for improvement. We add all incoming bugs to our development board and add feature requests to public voting.

Many things we have addressed immediately and have already been able to make significant improvements. Actually the first update to version 0.9.1 was planned for Jan. 24th. However, we don’t want to let you wait that long and therefore release the new version already now.

Please note that the changelog has changed significantly. Still open is the Throttle Calibration, which will now be included with 0.9.2. The planned release date is (still) Jan. 24th., that is in only one week! The planned features have not been postponed, we just added an intermediate update. A bit confusing, we know. But at least you already have many improvements and some new features.

Enjoy flying!

Tickets per Category in v0.9.0

Average time to first response: 15,5h

Top Community Requests

Bug Fixes

Seatbelt sign switch was linked to no smoking light and vice versa.

The HSI doesn’t show a lateral offset of the LNAV course anymore, if you are right on track.

The cabin lights were inadvertently linked to DC power. Now they are switched to AC Power.

The autobrake knob should flip back to OFF position if it gets deactivated by logic.

The large CCD rotary knob had inverted logic.

If FPA was active, switching to FLCH turned into ALT hold. It now stays on FLCH.

Selecting a system page from the MFD immediately opens the preselected page. Previously you had to click the systems tab again and then select the page.

Engine 2 blade rotation was inverted.

The decal now says E175 instead of E195

The Flap Extended Speed Placard was referencing numbers from the E195, it’s now corrected to E175 numbers.

The cabin & differential pressure values got corrected to prevent any warning under normal operation.

Doors can’t be opened in flight anymore.

The sum calculation for the Estimated Time Enroute got corrected on MFD.

MFD pages are now all in sync for the weight unit.

We tuned the code for a more stable ILS intercept. The Procedure Guide is still applicable.

Symbols on PFD were not drawn in the correct layer ordering.

On the United livery on the right side, the Express (letter E) was blue and not grey as it should be.


CAS messages now have a certain delay upon system bootup according to the real aircraft.

Screens now shut down correctly upon aircraft shutdown (to BATT power only).

The pages got excluded from the menu during flight according to the real aircraft.

The panel was not converted to a decal causing blurry appearance.

The engine start sequence should only show a red ITT bar on EICAS instead of red and amber. It should change from 815° to 965° when the start cycle is complete and thrust can be increased.

New Features

You can now select your spawning state in the EFB. It will be saved accross all sessions.

You can now select the weight unit in EFB and bypass the default MSFS setting.

IESS is now aligning first on bootup (160sec). PFD HDG is nwo aligning first on bootup (5min).

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