E-Jets Update 0.9.2

Dear Supporters,

slowly, a little calm is returning. We thank you for your numerous feature requests and bug reports. They help us to raise the E-Jets to the next level. We have made some important changes, first of all the throttle calibration. Please read the corresponding documentation!

We also worked on the flight physics. You should now be able to land on shorter runways without flaring endlessly. Also rudder deflections during the flight have been reduced significantly.

We are also working hard on the FMS backend code. It is still a bit too early to show pictures. But the development is going according to plan and as soon as we start implementing it in the simulator, we will show you more details.

We are still struggling with the ILS problem. There are 2 possible solutions, but both require some time. So please be patient and use RNAV (LNAV + FPA) approaches if possible.

In February we will implement the first milestone of the new autopilot: Autothrust Management, which will be the basis for all further lateral and vertical modes. Without a reliable autothrottle, the rest cannot be implemented. So things are moving forward.

For now, have fun with the new version!

Tickets per Category in v0.9.0

Average time to first response: 20,5h

Top Community Requests

Bug Fixes

Proper differencial pressure calculation is now included based on real world chart references.

Engine cannot be shut down if throttle is not idle. Rotating the starter knob to OFF won’t trigger shutdown process.

Weight units across all displays are now in sync. You can change the unit in the EFB settings page.

The passenger announcement volume now reacts on the cabin door if you are in the cockpit.

The previous fallback registration belongs to an E170. It’s is now updated.

The fallback ATC code for the KLM livery was KLC, it’s now updated to KLM.

It is now possible to run the T/O config test multiple times which is necessary if the first test returns any error.

The spoiler deployment is now indicated on EICAS upon landing and rejected takeoff.

GPU Avail light is not connected to aircraft electricity anymore.

The right engine was inadvertently a mirror image of the left. This has now been corrected.

The standard API of MSFS currently has a bug that occasionally returns the wrong runway (the opposite direction). This was fixed by us with an additional direction check. Now all runways should show up properly.

The transponder readout was missing TA/RA when the radio page is being opened the first time.

The „i“ dot on the right side of the aircraft was missing on the American livery.

The MCDU subpages now always open page 1 of X when you re-enter the menu. The last opened page is no longer saved – according to real world procedure.

The fuel caution and warning indications were not accurate to real life.

Previously, the ground spoilers were also accidentally extended in flight when the spoiler lever was operated. These are now deployed during ground operations (RTO and landing).

The autobrake can now be disabled by applying manual braking. In RTO mode a minimum speed of 60kts is required, otherwise autobrake is not engagend anyway.

FMS2 readout on PFD was green and is now magenta.

The CRS knob was quite buggy and not setting course to NAV1/2 correctly when switching between them.

Throttle lever does now work if bound to THROTTLE AXIS if it’s a single lever hardware


We made improvements regarding the simvar calling. It should get you slightly better performance although it’s currently only being used for the MFD. If it’s a proven approach we’ll apply it to the other screens as well.

APU % readout on EICAS now blinks amber for 3 seconds then solid when starting the apu, bleed valve should come on shortly after apu start instead of immediately. System logic defines start sequence complete after 95% APU + 3 seconds for Pneumatic and Electrical loads

We added mising CAS messages on shutdown.

The battery fans have a rising sound when power is connected the first time.

We implemented a custom strobe effect for the short winglet to recreate the real word strobe light behavior.

The power up sequence got tuned based on a new real world reference.

The MCDU now switches off if you set brightness to 0%.

TOGGLE SPOILERS and SPOILER AXIS assignments are now properly connected to our aircraft logic.

The nose wheel tiller can now be mapped to an axis.

TO/GA button assignment is now linked with aircraft logic.

We got a report about the nose gear compression behavior. We tuned it a bit.

LNAV can be disabled but it will come up active at 400ft even if disabled. It should remain in TRACK until you select any lateral autopilot mode.

Rudder actions are now decreased in flight to prevent unrealistic behavior.

The ground effect got reduced for a more realistic flare behavior.

New Features

If you press the RAMP button a loud horn should be heard.

After 5min on battery power only a warning horn will sound.

You can now disable the passenger announcements via the EFB settings page.

You can now enable the vertical profile on MFD. However the vertical route drawing is still missing as it is depending on VNAV code.

A comprehensive throttle calibration menu got implemented into the EFB settings page.

The Fire Detection System Test Button is now implemented.

The Sterile Switch is now implemented including the corresponding cabin light.

The Autopilot Source logic + button is now implemented.

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